The prerequisites before you come to us

Buying or selling a house can be a real problem for people. Most of them are amateur and they don’t know what to do before buying or selling a house, during it or after that.

Our agency is here to help you! If you buy or sell a house through us, you do not have to worry about anything! All your problems are solved by us!

First of all, you need to know what you have to do before comes to us:

  1. You must put all your money in order. To be sure that you have enough money for the house you want. Or, you need to establish a budget, when you come to us to know what you can afford.
  2. You need to get pre-approved. If you are a buyer, it is better for you to have it. It is an advantage for every buyer that have it.
  3. You need to search for a mortgage. You need to know how much you can barrow in case you need them.
  4. You need to search for online offers, before going to our agency. You need to be informed about how much are asking lenders for a house with the facilities you want.
  5. Also, you can use The First-Time buyers ‘program if you are qualifying for it. The advantage you have is: you will have lower down payments requirements.
  6. You can search for a lawyer and ask him to help you. To see if everything is correct and so on.
  7. After that, you need to come to us to hire a real estate agent. He will represent you in front of your seller. You can choose him depending on your requirements for a house.
  8. Here, you will find all properties that fits perfect your requirements. You can put your real estate agent to search after monthly income and bills. When you come here you need to know all the properties you want for your house. What technology it has to have, how big it has to be, how big will be the garden, if you want internet and so on.

After all of that are done, you will choose a house, meet the seller and if you like it, you will buy it!

You need to use an agency for that because you will solve it very simple than if you buy it by yourself.

Now, contact us and let us be your future!

Proper cleaning

Cleaning your house the proper way

Even when we cleaning we must attach great importance to even the smallest details. Why? Because quality always counts and take time to finish the job and our customers are satisfied.

To define the quality in detail, we have great importance to our employees training, and each employee reaches achieve and even surpass the highest standards in cleanliness results. Quality work is always checked by a special person that person has a great experience in cleanliness.

We work with the most modern equipment of the highest quality, but with a wide range of professional and effective solutions for cleaning different types of surfaces. These things we have acquired during our experience as good as possible to make clean. This motivates us to finish as soon as we get to another place. But always first quality in what we do will matter a lot.

Cleaning supplies

What is the quality in our end of lease cleaning London services?

Quality means when we see that we did a good job and we satisfied customer. But of course in what we do as end of tenancy cleaning, and we always wanted the company to go first and so it was!

We always managed to improve ourselves in what we do and this has brought us many advantages. Even if I always brought the best people in our team, be it the latest devices. We always tried to be the best options on the market in terms of cleanliness. And this made us to have the best end of tenancy cleaning London.

The quality that we do to other cleaning companies is shown until the smallest details. And this stays in place perfectly clean your requested, but also in the multitude of services we make for cleanliness.

But cleanliness is well done by our teams well prepared for any situation. And always to finish their work in time they will have everything needed, because every time they find a critical moment where the whole team will be required. But this does not result in stopping or pauses until that work has not ended. And that has made all perfect who work in our team cleaning.

A good example would be, when you need our services you have to clean your home we will help you as quickly as possible in the date you set. And in that time our team will arrive on the place with all the necessary things to finish their work as quickly. But this time they will clean you in everything you wanted all in a fast way, but only with superior quality offered by just our tenancy cleaning. During this time they will provide and everything in the house without destroying an object or else. And when you return you will find you everything clean, and if you find something broken you have to report this. That’s why we always say in cleaning quality that we do to other cleaning companies it is the best. For us as a state and the will help you with the highest quality tenancy cleaning London.

house cleaning

Cleaning companies helping students in their rented houses

Being a student can be a real pain in the ass when you aren’t in your city with your parents to help you. In London, student rent a house or a room from a house and have a lot of responsibilities. No matter what you rent an entire apartment or just a room, you have to keep it clean. For your health and mood, but especially for your landlord. If you live with him, you need to take care about cleaning daily, if you don’t live with him, he must announce you when he wants to come and you have enough time for cleaning… or not.

What you have to do when he says that he will arrive in a few hours and you do not have enough time to clean the house? Maybe you are after a party and you are at your job and your house look like a mess, or maybe you just hadn’t the necessary mood for cleaning.

Well, you must call at our Citi Clean company, that provides cleaning services for you, no matter what time it is, what day it is or what service you need. With just one call or an online quote you can hire a cleaner’s team that will be in your house how fast they can if you need them in the same day, (usually one-two hours from your call).

Before your landlord arrives, you will have all the floors, furniture cleaned, dished washed and of course, an organized house! They will do their job how fast they can, but do not forget that they have to do a professional job, so they can’t be ready with an entire house in just one-two hours if you want a professional cleaning.

For example, to not have such problems, you can make a subscription at our cleaning company. It is easy and you will have also a discount! The subscription can be done for daily service, weekly service or monthly service! So, if you are sure that your house will be cleaned weekly for example, you do not have to worry about the fact that your landlord can come and see what a mess is his house.

So, you can be at your job and when you come home you will see the cleaners waiting for you to give your, your house keys. In this way you will find also a cleaned fresh house, just perfect for you, because when you come home from your job you just need to relax.

upper saddle river house

Why you should buy or sell through our website?

We know that your first question is: why I should buy or sell a house through a specific website than do it only by yourself?

The following text will show you the reasons you should do it with our help.

  1. The first reason is that you will save very much time! It is hard for a person to go from place to place all day to sell or buy a house. For a seller, it is easier to post an announcement on our website and sell his house with our help; there are a lot of papers to be done and it can be hard for a person that aren’t in domain to do them. If you are the seller and want to do it, you can forget to make some papers and it will be harder to sign a contract. If you want to buy a house, you will have a lot of benefits because our team will assume all your obligations.
  2. No hidden charges. If you go to an agency to buy a house, you will see that you will pay more than if you buy a house with our website help. They say a price and after you sign a contract they ask for more money than they asked before. Another thing that could happen is that they could have so much unjustified charges that make you pay more. Here, no one of these will happen, because we do not have a big commission and we do not have hidden charges. The price we tell you first is the final one! All the things and money required are explained in the contract. Also, the website will present them to you in the beginning. If you go to an agency you will see the difference!
  3. It is easier for a seller or buyer to sign a contract if they use our website! Why? Because the customers will see all the information they need. You can upload a lot of photos with your house, from the best angles to make clients want it. As a buyer you can write in an announcement everything you want to have at your new house and our team will show you only the announcements that fits exactly your preferences! If you go at an agency they can’t show you so much pictures.
  4. 100% guarantee! You can buy or sell a property without worry about fees or potential problems because every transaction is safe with us!